The Human Body Is The Most Sophisticated Machine Built To Date. 
Let Me Give You The Owner's Manual You NEVER Recieved
The 5 Day Unbreakable Body Challenge
  • Why your lower back should not stop you from springing out of bed PAIN-FREE EVERY MORNING no matter how old you are!
  • Why your SHOULDER PAIN originates from your lower back and hips
  • Reframe your Pain by learning the "WHY" behind its ROOT CAUSE 
  • ​Learn WHY your hips and shoulders are the engines of your body and the solution to a pain-free life

Here's How It's Done

The hips and shoulders are the engines of your spine and body. This 5 Day Challenge is your first step into understanding the WHY behind your pain. In The next 5 days we will start by introducing you to your hips and back. 

The Move More - Move Better System

Why stop what you love? Let's use the hobbies you love as tools in your journey to becoming UNBREAKABLE

Mobility is Your New Medicine 

Your muscles are NOT weak. Stop the pointless "rehab" routine and start doing what actually makes a difference

You Are NOT Your Diagnosis 

Pain is the language your body speaks. Let me give you the Rosetta Stone so you can answer back

Private & State of the Art Software

A private dashboard, direct messaging system with access to me, and a friendly phone app makes this process simple and fun to use

The traditional approach has convinced us that living a life we chronic pain is IMPOSSIBLE! We're drowning in quick fix solutions and ridiculous symptom based failed strategies. Let's cut through the noise and give you the information that matters.

No matter where you are in life right now, my system will teach you how to own your body and eliminate your lower back pain. Learn how to take control of your body through knowledge and education. 

Become physically and mentally UNBREAKABLE, so you can be the best boss, partner, spouse, parent, or friend that you can be. Develop the tools to crush life's challenges all day, every day.

I DON'T RUN a 'quick fix' one size fits all company. I educate you on HOW to move better, eliminate your pain, and teach you how to understand your body. I give you the owner's manual that you never received so you can start living the pain free life you DESERVE

I have my Bachelors in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training. Masters of Science in Human Performance & Injury Prevention. I am a docent for the University of Tübingen Sports Science Department about the very same topics I am teaching you here.
"This four week program is your solution when you have lower back pain and want to fix it on your own time. I had lower back pain for so long I was skeptical. Now I am a true believer!"
Director of the Urology Department Sindelfingen Hospital
Dr. Prof. Thomas Knoll
"I wanted to lift my son without pain. I thought the years of jumping out of planes and the military abusing my body made it impossible. David's program showed me that I was wrong and becoming pain free is possible."
West Point Academy Graduate Engineer
Alex Morse
"Teaching yoga has done wonders for my body. However, there was a connection with my lower back pain I did not understand. David helped connect those dots and eliminated my lower back pain."
Yoga Teacher and Mother
Sarah Cummins
"Crossfit takes its toll on my body, especially my lower back. David's program helped me learn how to manage my training and eliminate my lower back pain"
Crossfit Athlete and Weekend Warrior
Mitch Scherrer
"I spent four years beating my body up in college tennis. Now I coach part time and have an office job that requires tons of sitting. David's approach taught me how to own my body, make better decisions, and prevent my lower back pain from coming back
College Athlete and Tennis Coach
Nina Linke
"I was a full time sprinter for the German National Team. The amount of training wrecked havoc on my body. David taught me how to work smarter when it came to addressing my tight hip flexors causing my lower back pain"
Multiple German National Champion
Eva Bauer
"I thought lower back pain was normal since I work long hours in a dental practice.  Now I know what I need to do when my back pain comes, but even more importantly what I can do so it does not!"
Dental Assistant 
Van Nguyen
"I like to train hard. I also love to be a great mother and wife. Balancing all of these things with lower back pain was impossible. David's program got me results by teaching me how to work smarter and not harder."
Weekend Warrior and Mother
Erin Quinn
Grant Training Systems
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