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The E.U loses around 2.5% of its national GDP due to employees missing work. Research shows that health problems (like obesity) are the most common cause.

The average employee sits for an average of 13 hours daily. The desk-bound lifestyle is causing an epidemic in lower back pain, obesity, and work related/lifestyle (preventable) illnesses. Germany spent 12.5% of their GDP on healthcare costs in 2020. 

Europe spends between 1.9% and 4.7% of the total annual health care costs and 2.8% of the annual hospital costs dealing with issues from a sedentary lifestyle. The correlation between obesity and chronic disease significantly contributes to the increase in the company's healthcare costs. Sadly, things are not improving, so your company is losing fortunes. 

The United States is losing over one billion dollars annually in health care due to lower back pain, and over twenty billion in employer costs treating carpel tunnel.

These figures are the tip of the iceberg regarding how much employers spend on their sick and broken workforce.

"I went from daily lower back pain to almost nothing in a few weeks. Sometimes I find myself wishing it would return, only so I can test my new exercises." 

Dr. Prof. Thomas Knoll - Urology Department Head of the Sindelfingen Hospital


Your default should be Healthy, Happy, and Strong NOT full of Chronic Pain and Illness 

Movement Culture 

Move More or Die Younger

The study, commissioned by ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association), shows that half a million Europeans die yearly due to being physically inactive. The most common causes of death are those diseases linked to being physically inactive, such as coronary heart disease, type II diabetes and colorectal and breast cancer.
One in four adults across Europe is currently physically inactive – as are four out of five adolescents.
The total cost to Europe’s economy from such widespread inactivity was over €80 billion a year – five billion Euros more than the world spends on cancer drugs yearly.
If nothing is done to get people moving and more active in their day to day lives, physical inactivity could pose a bigger risk to public health in the future than smoking.
  •  An Australian study suggests every hour of sitting shortens your life by twenty minutes - Learn how to make standing your default, so you don't die early
  • ​​The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks physical activity as the fourth largest preventable killer causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths annually. My ten minute office movement series will teach you how to move and be more productive so you work smarter and live longer
  • The average European sits thirteen hours a day and is the major cause of chronic lower back pain. Learn how the correct ten minute routine will eliminate your lower back pain without the need of popping pills


Stop Wasting Time Being Sick

People are getting sick more often, and companies are losing fortunes. In 2022, sick leave cost Germany an average of 91 hours per employee - a staggering 23-hour increase from the year before. The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) estimated that sick days cost Germany a 1% loss in GDP or 27-42 billion euros in 2022. 

Sick days will only increase. Why? Because COVID was not the leading cause for this record-breaking disaster - the common cold and flu were! 

You must learn WHY you are getting sick and HOW to reverse engineer the problem for a life-long solution. 

Learn how simple breathing techniques, cold exposure, and good fats have decreased my client's sick days by 70%.

Sound too good to be true? I was sick once every business quarter, and now I sit outside in two-degree water for over ten minutes in December, and I have been ill less than five days in the last seven years.
  • Learn how the cold is your warm friend and stop catching the minor cold - FOREVER!
  • Fix your breathing so your nervous system works with you and not against you, which means you get more done, have more energy, and do it with less energy
  • Daily stress has you stuck in your fight and flight nervous system, which means you. Implement my daily breathing test so you stop smoking your hard drive

Sleep Science

Sleep More or Suffer the Consequence

Sleeping less than eight hours an evening is costing your company a fortune and killing you. More than 35% of working professionals sleep less than seven hours an evening. Germany loses over 60 billion yearly with more than 200,000 lost working days annually (

Think you function with less sleep? One out of one thousand can sleep less than seven hours and not suffer a cognitive loss. Research clearly states that "sleep debt" can't be regained - you will die younger

Inefficient sleep is bankrupting your company, shortening your retirement (because you're dead), and robbing your family of a loved one. 

Learn how to sleep deeper, travel smarter, and make sure you are ready for the day
  • Poor sleepers reported 2.29 days of unplanned missed workdays in the past month due to poor health, compared with 0.91 days for all other workers
  • Poor-Sleeping Workers More Likely to Change Jobs
  • ​Fixing sleep (time and quality) is estimated to save $32.4 billion in replacement costs​
  • ​1 out of 1000 people can sleep less than six hours and NOT have adverse effects. Your chances of getting hit twice by lightning are greater than having this genetic abnormality
  • ​Stop your company from losing millions by learning a simple and effective sleep routine - it is that simple

"I went from thinking I needed another lower back surgery to absolutely no back pain and running a 5k five minutes later. I am shocked at how one mobility exercise can make such a difference!"

Nikki Stevenson - United States Military 

How the Magic Happens

Solutions for Problems

90 - Minute "Moving" Lecture

  • Eliminate your lower back pain. Learn the three movements causing all your pain
  • Learn how to breath. Increase your productivity - Get more DONE with less effort
  • Make standing your default - not CHRONIC PAIN

Break - Personal Touch

45 - Minute Break

  • Practice what you learned, grab a coffee, take a break
  • Ask me questions from the lecture, or about your specific situation
  • Feel guilty about the cigarette or cake you want to eat :-D

Keep the Results

90 - Minute Sleeping/Killing it Lecture

  • Learn WHY you will DIE YOUNGER - and how easy it is to reverse
  • The Do's & Don'ts to CRUSH SLEEP
  • Get More Done, Make More Money, Save your Company Fortunes. How to make it work in your daily routine

What is my "WHY"

At ten years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, depression, and bipolar disorder, and doctors prescribed Ritalin, Adderall, and Prozac. Years later, I discovered that food allergies were the culprit—all my so-called "illnesses" were easily treatable with better food choices and movement.

Combine that with excruciating pain from scoliosis and poor mobility, causing multiple bouts of extremely painful tendonitis. Numerous doctors and physical therapists related this to my scoliosis and told me I could do nothing.

The lack of hope and empathy from the medical profession sent me on a mission to help myself and then teach others to do the same.

I graduated in 2004 with an Athletic Training/Sports Medicine degree and in 2007 with a Master of Science in Human Performance and Injury Prevention. I have worked with organizations like the ATP, AVP, WTA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and multiple Olympic and world champions like Martina Hingis, Victoria Azarenka, John McEnroe, and Adrian Peterson, to name a few. 

I lived in Cairo for five years, learned Arabic, and helped develop a top ten world-ranked junior - and was almost killed in the Egyptian revolution and kidnapped in Nigeria while doing it!

"I believe everyone's default should be Healthy, Happy, and Strong." 

My company American PT Stuttgart is where the magic happens. I help clients in my office (located in Sindelfingen, Germany) and worldwide (with my digital, physical therapy module-based program) learn how to become and stay pain-free WITHOUT stopping what they love. I am also a docent for the University of Tübingen's Sports Science Department and a presenter for multiple German Sports Federations.

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